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The Day I Damn Near Lost My Mind

Even though there’s rarely anything interesting or unexpected, I still love to get the mail. A magazine, a package from Amazon, even a packet of coupons from my grocery store – it’s like when I was a kid and would grab the prize in the cereal box before my little brother could get it. Though … Continue reading
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It’s All in My Head

  Today, I made quiche. Today I fried bacon, shredded Jarlsberg cheese that I tossed with a little flour, and chopped green onions. I mixed those ingredients with eggs and milk and a dash of nutmeg, plus a little salt and pepper. Then I poured the mixture into two warm piecrusts and … Continue reading
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How to Live at the Residence Inn

Unlike Eloise, who lived at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and said, of hotel living: I absolutely love the Plaza! I have not expressed the same joy during my six weeks at the Residence Inn. It's not because there's anything terribly wrong with the Residence Inn in Bellevue, Washington. In … Continue reading
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How to Keep From Getting Old

Lunch with my girlfriends is never dull. Whichever group gathers for a bowl of pho or a sashimi lunch (salad and miso soup included), there are always things - big, thought provoking things - to talk about. There are little things, too, but it's those big things that we all take home with us and … Continue reading
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Making Room for My Young Adults

Previously published on Purple Clover Young adults still need their parents. Those of us with 20-something children know this to be true. Some need us more, some need us far less than we'd like them to, but sooner or later, they will come to us—their older and wiser parents—with a problem … Continue reading