Simply Put, Bullying Must be Stopped

It's simple. Bullies must be stopped. Children must be taught from very early on that to treat others with the intent to be cruel, malicious and just plain mean is unacceptable. The school shooting in Ohio  in February of 2012 was once again a case where the shooter was bullied by others.  "An outcast," one of his schoolmates said. Angry, frustrated, and visibly sharing … [Read more...]

Five Hundred Lunches and Counting

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I've been having lunch with the same three women nearly every week for the past 14 years. We have all known each other for longer than that, and our lunches began innocuously enough - four friends from the same community getting together to chat and share some gossip. None of us imagined that our weekly lunches would become a treasured and important part of our lives, an … [Read more...]

Would You Take a Do-Over in Life?


It's a seductive and provocative idea - a do-over in life. Remember when you were a kid, and you were playing hopscotch or kickball, and your turn just didn't go well? You'd call out "do-over," and just like that you would get a second chance. Imagine if you could do that in life - if you could go back and do-over some decision. Do-over words said. Do-over opportunities passed … [Read more...]

Why I Could Never Have Homeschooled my Children

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  This week on one of my favorite websites, (full disclosure: I am a contributor), there was a fascinating and eye-opening post and follow-up conversation about homeschooling. I voiced my opinion - as I have been known to do - that I believe that public school, when maneuvered correctly and with parental involvement, can offer an excellent education for our … [Read more...]