What Happens Next: My Children are Coming Home

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My children are coming home. What does this mean for me? It means that my son  is returning home, for good, from the University of Arizona. He will attend a local junior college where he hopefully will ( if he listens to his parents) play football and consider where he would like to continue his education after that. My daughter  will be graduating from Boston University, and … [Read more...]

The Under Toad: Anxiety and Panic Attacks


  In John Irving’s masterpiece “The World According to Garp,” Garp’s youngest child Walt misunderstands when his father warns him to “look out for the undertow,” hearing his words as “look out for the under toad.” The under toad became, for the child in the book, the representation of everything scary and overwhelming and out of his control. I read Garp when I was in … [Read more...]

12 Most Entertaining and Fabulous Musicals Everyone Should See

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BROADWAY! Whether on Broadway or at a regional theater, musicals are pure entertainment. From the opening strains of the (preferably) live orchestra to the encore bows, musicals are escapism at its finest. Of course it’s sort of ridiculous – people bursting out in song on the streets of New York, in a jail cell, in a field of corn – but that’s what makes a musical … [Read more...]

Don’t Zen Me In

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The Zen philosophy of life is to live in the moment. Don't look behind you, don't look ahead - just exist in the now, this very minute, where you stand, sit or tumble. Live as if today was the last day of your life. Live life to the fullest and never let yourself fall into the trap of "what if" or "maybe someday." This doesn't work for me. When you reach the middle of … [Read more...]

My Dirty Laundry

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I love doing laundry. I love the fact that there is a beginning (dirty clothes on the floor of the garage) a middle (sorted and washed, dried) and an end (folding and stacking). For the past 21 years, since we've lived in this house,  my laundry ritual has been to sort and fold while sitting on my bed, watching television. In an odd quirk of home design - and certainly … [Read more...]