Help 8 Year Old Arden Fight Her Brain Tumor

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We all fall in love with our children. They become, from the minute they’re born, the thing that is always with us, the little (then big) souls that we nurture, care for, teach, tend to, and most of all adore with all our hearts. Our lives, no matter what they were before, are different after they’re born. For most of us, other than the usual cuts and bruises, occasional broken … [Read more...]


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What's it like to watch your child graduate from college? What I kept replaying in my head as we began graduation weekend was not the day my daughter was born, or the day of her Bat Mitzvah. Not the day she got her driver’s license, or the night she sang her first show choir solo. Not when she got her braces off, or her first bra. Not the first word, the first step, or the … [Read more...]

12 Most Useful Things I Learned at Summer Camp

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Where I grew up, in the suburbs of New York City, it was commonplace for children to spend eight weeks each summer at overnight camp. From as early as the age of 6 through 16 or so, many of my contemporaries were ensconced in camps across New England, each perched on a lake. Some may think sending children away for that long at such young ages is slightly barbaric, but to me … [Read more...]

“Mad Men” and Some Betty Draper Love

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I've been watching Mad Men since the pilot, and I've been a huge fan from the start. As far as television dramas go, there's none that have characters as compelling as this show does. If you are a fan, then you know - gorgeous, mysterious Don Draper, luscious, secretive Joan Holloway , tortured, under-appreciated Pete Campbell, brilliant, angry Peggy Olsen, entitled, suave … [Read more...]