What Can One White Woman Do to Change the World?

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I can't stop thinking about this. What can I do - one person, one white woman who lives comfortably, rarely confronted by racial problems in my daily life? What do I know of prejudice, bias, hatred, violence, fear? I don't have to worry  about my son being assaulted on the street. I don't have to consider that my daughter will be turned down for a job simply because of her … [Read more...]

When You’re the Old People at the Wedding

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Weddings are the ultimate expression of optimism and hope. Whether small and simple or large and elaborate, a wedding signifies the beginning of a lifelong commitment between two people to stay in love and stay married until the end of their lives. This is no small thing, obviously. I've never attended a wedding where I didn't feel the enormity of what was happening as the … [Read more...]

Selling Our Home of 24 Years – Part 2

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Our house is sold, and we’ve bought another. In the next 30 days I will need to pack, sort, store and toss 24 years of living. Fortunately I’ve always been a good tosser-outer, so much of the work has been done already. But still. There are baby toys that I’ve saved for my children’s (future) children. There are boxes of letters, cards, scrapbooks and yearbooks. There … [Read more...]

The Reason Mad Men Breaks My Heart

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Spoiler alert: If you have not watched the Sunday, May 10 episode of Mad Men, The Milk and Honey Route, don’t read this post.   I have never felt as attached to the characters on a television show as I do to the cast of Mad Men. Even before the series began, when I read what it was about, and what Matt Weiner had planned for the show, I knew I would love it. From … [Read more...]