6 Reasons Getting Older Doesn’t Suck

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  There comes a time when we all begin getting older. It starts right around 40, and it happens gradually. You start to notice that you’re a little bit out of step with things – you hear music you don’t recognize, you see young actors and actresses on the cover of magazines in the supermarket and have no idea who they are. Your knees feel a little, tiny bit achy, and … [Read more...]

Why I Kept My Kids Busy During the Summer

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There were not a lot of lazy days during the summer when my kids were growing up. A week after school ended and a week before it started they were home, without plans or schedules, but for the most part, most of their summer days were spent in organized activities, from pre-school through middle school. They loved it. … [Read more...]

What Can One White Woman Do to Change the World?

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I can't stop thinking about this. What can I do - one person, one white woman who lives comfortably, rarely confronted by racial problems in my daily life? What do I know of prejudice, bias, hatred, violence, fear? I don't have to worry  about my son being assaulted on the street. I don't have to consider that my daughter will be turned down for a job simply because of her … [Read more...]

When You’re the Old People at the Wedding

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Weddings are the ultimate expression of optimism and hope. Whether small and simple or large and elaborate, a wedding signifies the beginning of a lifelong commitment between two people to stay in love and stay married until the end of their lives. This is no small thing, obviously. I've never attended a wedding where I didn't feel the enormity of what was happening as the … [Read more...]