Selling Our Home of 24 Years – Part 2

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Our house is sold, and we’ve bought another. In the next 30 days I will need to pack, sort, store and toss 24 years of living. Fortunately I’ve always been a good tosser-outer, so much of the work has been done already. But still. There are baby toys that I’ve saved for my children’s (future) children. There are boxes of letters, cards, scrapbooks and yearbooks. There … [Read more...]

The Reason Mad Men Breaks My Heart

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Spoiler alert: If you have not watched the Sunday, May 10 episode of Mad Men, The Milk and Honey Route, don’t read this post.   I have never felt as attached to the characters on a television show as I do to the cast of Mad Men. Even before the series began, when I read what it was about, and what Matt Weiner had planned for the show, I knew I would love it. From … [Read more...]

From a Princess to Pop Stars – the Week in Fashion

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What happened this week? We all oohed and ahhed when Princess Kate gave birth and looked beautiful as she carried her newborn girl from the hospital to the car to be taken to her country home to recover with her family. The world loves a princess.   Then we all went to the Met Ball with, among others, arguably the 3 most glamorous and famous women in entertainment … [Read more...]

Why My Children Didn’t Have Jobs in High School

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  When I was in high school, I worked at Ralph's grocery store in what was then known as the "appetizing department," but now is simply the deli. I sliced meat, made sandwiches, refilled tubs of potato salad, cleaned the fry machine - it was hard work. I worked alongside middle-aged men, unambitious young women and other teenage girls. I wore an orange polyester uniform … [Read more...]

Selling Our Home of 24 Years – Part One

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I know this place. For twenty-four years we've lived here. I arrived, almost thirty years old with my one year old baby girl in my arms. I had fought moving to this suburban community for two years, but my husband was right - it was the perfect place to raise a family. So that's what we did. We bought our starter home. We raised our family. Twenty-four years later, we're … [Read more...]