Boobs. A Conversation.

My midlife blogger friends and I talk about a lot of things.

  • We talk about getting older.
  • We talk about our sex lives – good, bad or nonexistent.
  • We talk about our kids – but not as often as mommy bloggers.
  • We talk about writing techniques, social media, and blogging tools.
  • We talk about books and movies. Sometimes tv.
  • We talk about fashion – especially shoes.

And this week, we talked about boobs.  It was collectively decided that we preferred the word “boobs” over the ever-popular “tits,” which was deemed too, um, titter-inducing.

sofia vergara, cleavage, boobs, growing boobs, big boobs, women talking about boobs, growing up, midlife, empty nest, baby boomer
Sofia Vergara. “Nuff said.

Boobs are a hot topic, pretty much from the moment we first feel a twinge of growing pains. Some of us get them -whether big and bouncy or small and perky – when we’re far too young to really understand or appreciate what boobs mean in our society – the power they have, the weakness they imply. Some of us get them and hate them, some of us show them off, some of us have them reduced or enlarged.

I was young when my boobs started growing. They were pretty big for an 11 year old girl. It was weird. Boys looked at me. They would randomly grab at my chest, as though my boobs were there for the taking, like a free sample at a bakery. “Take one.”

This was in the early 1970’s. Tweens weren’t wearing Victoria’s Secret bras – we were wearing plain, white, ugly boulder holders. That was our only option.

training bra, breasts, boobs, having boobs, getting boobs as a young teen, talking about boobs with friends, midlife, empty-nest, baby boomer
A training bra from the 1970’s

Having big boobs was a burden for a 12 year old girl back then. I think it’s different now. When my daughter was 12, her friends were strutting their stuff, pushing their boobs up and out and making them 2 sizes bigger with pads and push-up bras. They knew what they were doing.

big boobs, women and boobs, 12 years old with boobs, growing up, having boobs at a young age, midlife, empty-nest, baby boomer
My dad and me. I was 12 years old. Boobs.

But back to my blogger friends.

At this point in life, there’s more complaining than bragging  – boobs that hang low, bras that are uncomfortable (honestly girls, aren’t they all?), boobs that have deflated and sort of disappeared, boobs lost to cancer.

“The nice thing thats come with age is that I now have cleavage. I can now move them around to where I want them.” – Connie McLeod


I asked my friends, when did you get your boobs?

“Still waiting. I bra shop in the Chubby Teen section of Walmart. I’m wearing a Dora the Explorer training bra right now.” –  Not a Supermom

” Nothing until college-I then had perfect 34c pixie boobs, then in my 30s they became an extra waistline!” – Forever 51

“52 – thank you Dr. Kim.” – Employee to Employ Me

” My dad was a carpenter, and I was (and still am) a carpenter’s dream.” – Relocation the Blog


We share a collective experience of associating boobs with being women, in some ways more than any other parts of our bodies. The first (usually) visible sign of maturity, boobs can be a burden or a blessing, depending on how you – and those around you – feel about them.  Fathers can be perplexed, mothers envious. Both can be worried,  knowing the way things can change for their little girls once boobs appear.

Boobs are friendly and cheerful. Everyone can see them, or the idea of them. Boobs are maternal, erotic, cute, approachable and public. Women don’t mind talking about their boobs, as compared to vaginas. Vaginas are much more private, hidden away and personal. Cleavage is everywhere.

Did you know there’s a National Cleavage Day in countries all over the world? A day to celebrate boobs. The only country that has a National Penis Day is New Zealand. Gotta love those Kiwis.

Embrace your boobs, however large or small they may be. Better yet, let someone you love embrace them. Make someone happy.

What’s your boob story? Share in the comments section.

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  1. says

    I remember most of my junior high friends (me included) were thrilled to get to the “teenform” stage … what a forgotten memory! Kinda makes me sad that little girls are immediately all about the sexuality of Victoria Secret type bras. I love them … buy them … but wouldn’t put my pre- or young-teen in one! I miss the innocence of growing up a little slower.

    That being said, when I had my gastric bypass surgery 7 years ago, “the girls” went south and never came back … lol! But it was/is actually fun to be able to wear sexier little bras after having to wear “boulder holders” and to have someone (new hubby) actually tell me he loved my “girls” and proves it!

    Happy Tuesday!
    Itty Bitty
    Marie (Ford) Cicogni recently posted..Lifting The Veil ~ 12/21/12 ~ The End Or The Beginning?My Profile

    • says

      I’m sure it’s great to feel better about your “girls!”

      It’s difficult to keep the tweens away from the sexualized lingerie in the stores – they’re so conditioned to want to look older and hotter.

  2. says

    Sorry I missed the session, it seems it was great fun. My first bra was my mother’s bra, which did not fit, and I was not happy. I remember 2 friends in Junior High with big boobs going down the hallway together bouncing their boobs up and down on purpose singing that boob song loudly with something in it like “throwing your boobs over your shoulder when you get older”; that I only now understand that part-LOL.
    sue recently posted..Concrete Kitchen Countertops for InspirationMy Profile

  3. says

    Just had to click through to read this article (even though it’s past my bed time, so I should be logging off) as the title caught my eye! I prefer the word boob to any of the alternatives (my mum always says busom, which sounds Jane Austen-ish, & I associate the word jugs with tabloid newspapers!). Mine are small – always have been & always will (never fancied the idea of surgery) but, on the plus side, they haven’t restricted my participation in various sports over the years, I can wear most clothes, they served my 2 babies well & – as others have mentioned – are healthy (long may that continue…), so can’t complain!

  4. says

    This was a great post. Like I said, I’m still waiting for mine. In a past life, I wrote the box covers for porn movies and let me tell you, I had to stretch my imagination to come up so many different words to describe our breasts.

  5. says

    I was getting ready to receive my Confirmation in sixth grade – if you went to Our Lady of Mercy you know what I mean – and I convinced my mother that if I was an adult in the eyes of the church then I should be able to wear a bra, whether or not i needed one. Which I definitely did not. She went for it. Thanks Mom!

  6. says

    Sharon you have outdone yourself. Boobs are so fascinating. My 10-year old is starting to get little buds and won’t wear girls’ shirts because the material is too thin and she would have to wear a training bra with them. Instead she wears thick boys’ shirts that hide the buds. Her identity is entirely tied up in being a tomboy and my heart breaks just the littlest bit when I think of her inevitable evolution. My 8 year old can hardly wait to have breasts. She covets mine and for about 5 years living with her was like living with a 15-year old boy. Her hands were constantly down my shirt. She has named my breasts. The left one is Marilyn and the right one, sadly, is Bertha. Sigh.

    • says

      Shannon you make me laugh…

      True story – the last time I saw my grandmother before she passed away, she stuck her hand up my shirt and gave my boobs a good squeeze. I thought my husband’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. Everyone loves boobs!

  7. Julie Ruckstuhl says

    I remembering wondering what the “training bra” was training the boobs to do. Was it somehow like training wheels? How did one know when the boobs (or “breasts,” as my mother shocked me once by uttering) were trained? Actually I found it kind of insulting that my boobs needed training. In addition to being small, they were also being called stupid.

  8. says

    I got my boobs in 5th grade – 32Cs and had no idea what they meant etc. At the time, those horrible training bras were my only option. Boobs meant clothing fit weird, and the boys enjoyed snapping my bra. At eight months pregnant by boobs are 36G. We’ll see what happens after breastfeeding. I have a feeling I’ll have more changes to see. ^_^
    Trina recently posted..The small moments when I realize how supportive Matt isMy Profile

  9. says

    Oh my! My sides hurt from laughing so much! I read some portion aloud to the hubby and he about died at the Kiwi remark! I have no interesting boob story other than the fact that we call them “bubbies” around here with all these men …3 sons, the hubby, and me as my daughter is off to college. Actually one son us off as well but for 2+ yrs we had to find names that worked that didn’t cause fall on the floor laughing or demeaning crassness!
    So it’s been Bubbies or “the Girls” for a while.
    Donna recently posted..An Unexpected Proclamation From An Unexpected SourceMy Profile

  10. says

    Sadly, I am still waiting for cleavage and I am 52 :) On the positive side, they aren’t ever going to hang down to my knees. Gosh we really always covet what others have don’t we? Actually it is only as I have gotten older that i have appreciated what I do have and that’s a strong healthy body that lets me do lots of amazing things. I am not just my boobs. What is it they always say? Youth is wasted on the young? If I knew then….

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