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How Neil Young Saved My Life

Like most teenagers, I was passionate about music. Back when there were record players and 33 RPM albums with creatively rendered covers that opened like books, I collected and listened, read the liner notes and knew the words to hundreds of songs by heart. Artists like Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and the…

The Gifts of Adult Children


There comes a day as a parent when the pendulum swings towards your child becoming a full-grown adult. The world tilts a little and the pendulum stays there, never returning to childhood again.   I look at my daughter’s face and see barely a whisper of the little girl who once reached for me with chubby hands and a…

A Life Well-Lived and a Place Well-Loved


Last week Ray Alpert, a man who was a community leader in the city of Long Beach, CA and a shining example of the change philanthropy can make, passed away at the age of 87. Though I didn’t know him well, I had the pleasure of talking with him on a few occasions, and he…