How to turn fifty

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I have a secret to share. It will be my birthday in a few days (on January 26), and I will be fifty. That's not the secret though - I'm pretty sure my friends and family already know this, since I've been reminding them for months - or they've been reminding me. The secret's not so bad. The way to turn fifty is to embrace it. Tell everyone you know and just … [Read more...]

In Praise of the Handwritten Letter


Remember when people wrote letters? Not just brief notes inside birthday or get-well-soon cards, but pages-long, juicy, fun to read letters. Remember the thrill of opening your mailbox and seeing your name, handwritten, on an envelope? Knowing that someone took the time to sit down and write me a personal letter always made me feel special and loved. It never happens … [Read more...]

Tell me she’s not lovely

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I posted an article on my Facebook page about the plus size model industry with this photo of Katya Zharkova. The response was overwhelmingly positive - this is a lovely woman.   When I saw this picture I was immediately struck by how familiar she looked. Not that I'd ever seen this person before - but her body, with all of it's so-called imperfections, the extra … [Read more...]

Are Boomers the Last Nostalgic Generation?

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I recently read something on Twitter that caught my attention: "An American tradition is something that happened to a baby-boomer twice." It was posted by someone much, much younger than I am - and it kind of made me wonder - is it true?  Upon further internet sleuthing, I discovered that this quote is in reference to Christmas music, and how most of the music considered … [Read more...]

The “B” Side of Life


I recently went to my hair stylist, Gordon, as I have done every 5 weeks for 15 years. I wrote about Gordon previously after he was a survivor of the Salon Meritage massacre in October.  Gordon is an amazing person who has recently experienced far more tragedy in his life than he - or anyone - should have to endure. As we were talking about how he is getting through this … [Read more...]