How My Son Surprised Me

My son is home for spring break. He arrived with a duffel bag full of dirty laundry, a big smile, and a bear hug for me.

Hanging out with him, I sometimes feel like we don’t have much to talk about. We cover most topics pretty well – school, his friends, local news (um, gossip), his plans for the future…stuff. To really engage him, though, it’s necessary to bring up something he’s passionate about, which would include football, the Packers, , Angels baseball, USC Football, Duck Dynasty, the Food Network, and, oh yeah, football.

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Unfortunately, I know little to nothing about these topics.

Often when we’re eating dinner, my son and my husband will have animated discussions about the above subjects. That’s good for them. Sometimes I get annoyed, but I just get up and do the dishes.

The other night we went out to dinner, and I drove my son home from the restaurant. It was just the two of us in the car. He took out his iphone and started doing his iphone thing – and that was ok. We were listening to the radio and I mentioned to him that I had surprised my hairdresser Gordon that day by knowing who he meant when he referred to Rhi-Rhi.*

“Mom,” he said, “most women your age wouldn’t know who that is. You’re cool about music.”

We like the same music, my son and I. Lots of folk rock, and he’s even a Sinatra fan.

Just then, Adele came on the radio. Much to my surprise, he started to sing along, in tune. I don’t think he even realized he was doing it, it was so natural and un-self-conscious.

“Never mind I’ll find, someone like you…”



I asked if he would mind if I blogged about his singing, about my big, burly football player crooning a sweet love song.

He reached over and stroked my hair, his big hand gentle on my head.

“It’s fine, Mom. None of my friends read your blog so I don’t mind.”

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  1. Sherri says

    My son isn’t due home for spring break until next weekend…and this made me long to sit with him, even during those LONG silences. Thank you for reminding me that he’s still my boy inside. And surprises are always around the corner.

  2. says

    Burn! Oh, those offspring of ours. Mine doesn’t read my blog, either, nor his friends (prolly a good thing).

    Good to know your son knows how to pick THE best team (the only one owned by the actual fans, rather than some millionaire owner).

    And wonderful that he’s not too afraid to sing along with Adele. My 6’4″ son will still sit in my lap (or try to).

  3. says

    Ha! Very sweet. It always surprises me when one of my kids says something about my blog. They’re stealth readers…but they do read it! When I took
    a music criticism class a couple of years ago and was bemoaning my lack of knowledge about current music, my daughter said, “Listen to Adele,Mom. You’ll like her!”
    Risa recently posted..Shoes Dyed to MatchMy Profile

  4. Lisha says

    Awesome. My college boy learned that the way to keep me from writing about him was to read it from time to time. So I gained a follower but lost tons of good material. Perhaps I need a pseudonym for those posts!

  5. Phoebe says

    Definitely can relate with the communication style (& shared musical moments)! I can just hear the same wisecrack coming from my son…do love the bear hugs!

  6. says

    Made me lol! I have 3 sons, and no, none of them read my blog. And I’m not thinking they much care if I write about them. 2 of them live far away; I miss them more than words can say. Unfortunately for the 3rd one who lives by, he has that added pressure of trying to be himself and take their place. Poor kid! But hey, got to love our boys!
    Kate recently posted..Adventures on the West CoastMy Profile

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