A Letter to Macy’s Credit Department – Shame on Them

Because I have a bit of a temper (ok, more than a bit) I was pretty angry about this situation. I share this with you because I think, in this economic climate, it’s important to know which stores value their customers and which stores assume they are bill-dodging losers. I can’t say I’ll completely stop shopping at Macy’s, but I won’t be using their credit card anymore – at least not until I receive an apology.

It’s not often that I see my husband get really angry, but this was one of those times. I have sent these letters to the appropriate recipients, and I am curious to see how they respond.

The references to amounts spent in the letter are x’d out – I adore my readers, but I don’t need to share EVERYTHING!

September 9, 2012

Mr. Terry Lundgren
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Presidential Complaints Department
9111 Duke Blvd.
Mason, OH 45040

Dear Mr. Lundgren,

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I just finished talking to one of your credit customer service managers. I was remiss in not getting his name. I was directed to contact your Presidential Complaints Department regarding my experience.

Beginning midweek of last week (week beginning 9/3) I began receiving calls – including 3 times today, Sunday -from an unknown number with a 513 area code. My general rule of thumb, since I work from my home, is not to answer a call unless I recognize the number. No messages were left for either my husband or me.

Today, my husband finally answered, and it was your credit department. My account is in my name only. I took the phone and was told that the incessant calls were because I had missed a payment due on September 1. That means the calls began less than a week after my payment was due. I received no letter, no email, no notification at all that I had missed this payment before these calls began.

By the way, last Monday we purchased a sofa from your furniture department for $xxxx. I enclose a copy of that receipt. This purchase was included in the overdue amount by the first person I spoke with today in your credit department. Having made the purchase on the third, no payment was due on that amount at this time.

In addition, I had already scheduled a payment through my online banking service for September 11 to pay off the balance due as of September 1. I had neglected to make the payment before the due date, and that was my error.

However, Mr. Lundgren, I have been a loyal and consistent customer of Macy’s for as long as I can remember. Before your company came to California, I would shop at your store in New York. I have used my Macy’s credit card for my purchases in order to receive your promotions and coupons, which I use all the time. Last December 31 my husband bought me a beautiful ring – for $xxxx – in your fine jewelry department for my 50th birthday.

Despite my customer loyalty, and my consistently responsible management of my Macy’s credit account, I was harassed with multiple phone calls over the past 4 days to collect a payment – of $75 – which was not even a week overdue.

I am extremely upset and insulted. Had I not already purchased the sofa, I would absolutely not be shopping at your store for such a large purchase after such disrespectful treatment.

Your customer service manager explained to me that this is how ALL customers with overdue payments are treated, which I think is awful. There is a big difference between someone who overlooks a payment and someone who is negligent for months on end. I believe if you look at my history with your company, you will see that I am a very consistent and reliable credit customer.

I hope you will reconsider the way you treat your loyal – and responsible – customers. I have always praised your store to friends and family, but I am very disappointed in the way your credit department treated me. For now I will discontinue using my Macy’s card for purchases at your store. Saving 20% is not worth the risk of being insulted and treated like a deadbeat because of an oversight.

Sharon Greenthal
11222 Kensington Road
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

1 enclosure


Please note! This issue was resolved to my satisfaction and the Macy’s representative who contacted me was helpful and courteous. Here is what happened.

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  1. says

    We have had similar issues with other creditors. The payment was due on the 5th for example, but you were given a grace period till the 15th. And then the harassing phone calls begin on the 7th – and generally for an amount less than $100. Again, good credit history with said establishment.

    All I can guess is that with the shaky economy, retailers want to start collecting the money as early and as rudely as they can before the bill starts getting too large. The ironic thing about this issue is that they harass you on the other end TO GET A CREDIT CARD whenever you make a purchase. No doubt many of the people buying things should not have credit, and their policy of getting store credit car in as little as 3 minutes (generally with predatory interest rates) is never criticized. We are trying to eliminate all of our credit cards except for Visa and American Express, and use those sparingly as well.

    I hope you will keep us informed as to the outcome of your complaint. BTW – found you on Generation Fabulous!

  2. says

    Promise you will post the response if you hear back… I think the problem in so many places is that there is no human involvement. No one to look and seen a long sterling credit history. You are thrown on the pile by a computer, something that would not have happened in an earlier age.
    Grown and Flown recently posted..I Love Hate BloggingMy Profile

  3. says

    You GO! I recently encountered similar treatment when only 2 days late. grrrr Also, I have been loyal and prompt with all past payments. This was a fluke. Plus, they sent the notice to my husbands email…?!?!? I’m not even sure how they got his email. AND, I’ve attempted several time to have my account set up for them to mail me a bill. They still haven’t done that. I’m leaving them behind. This messed with my credit score for a $60 bill. I’m not at all happy with them.
    Robin recently posted..Doctor Who print E Reader CoversMy Profile

    • says

      I guess that’s what was most upsetting, that they started with the incessant calling. I realize they don’t look at it on a person by person basis, but really, there should be some way to filter these things!

  4. says

    Good for you Sharon.
    Macy’s called my Mother at age 89 because she was late on paying her bill of less than $20.00 and suggested she use a payment plan at a high interest which she agreed to. She did not understand what she was agreeing to and this purchase became an expensive purchase before I realized what was happening! It really was taking advantage of the elderly.
    Haralee recently posted..WelcomeMy Profile

  5. says

    Right now, health insurers are also sending out late notices, before one is actually even LATE.

    I pay bills for a number of small businesses. Premium due on/before the 1st of the month; grace period to the last day of the month. So I usually send my clients’ checks around the 25th or so of each month.

    In July, we received a “late notice” dated Aug 1, warning the policy would be terminated. Time stamp by our front desk? July 28. I love how they can employ a time warp to deliver mail four days before the letter is issued.

    It is all a game. If they can scare/harass enough people to pay earlier, their balance sheets look better.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..I’ve Interviewed – And Tagged!My Profile

  6. says

    Don’t even get me started on Macy’s customer service. We have gone through one nightmare after another regarding coach warranties. This has happened with three couches (we keep getting couches from Macy’s because after 6 months of phone calls, they always replace our couch, then a stain gets on the couch, we try to use our stain protection plan, and it all starts again). Most recently, my dog had cancer and his tumor burst and blood got on the couch in a couple places. We called immediately and they declined our request to come out. We got management involved and they said someone would come. Nobody has. Now, 4 months later, they are promising we will get a phone call this week to have someone come out. FOUR MONTHS!!!!!! And only after several phone calls. It is so annoying. Luckily, if you are persistent and finally get someone out, the stains have set in, don’t come out, the management is forced to replace the couch because they don’t sell the couch in that color anymore. So at least there is that. I would just prefer they clean the dang couch the first time…Sorry. rant over.
    Sharlene recently posted..Summer Smiles Photo Contest WinnersMy Profile

    • MDP says

      I had to read the letter 3 times to understand what the issue was, and I’m still confused. She admitted to missing a payment– that’s her fault…right? A grace period or kind late reminders aren’t a requirement of any credit agreement… Good customer service yes, but not something owed to anyone. There is a lot of language in the letter and comments that you feel there should be some special treatment based on personal experience. You bought something on credit, so essentially you didn’t pay for it yet. You’re a delinquent debtor at that point and they don’t know you from the person down the street who has zero intention of paying their bill. Maybe they should revisit their policies, but it shouldn’t be on the basis of you getting special privileges over others. Some of these comments imply something is owed. A FREE sofa? That’s ridiculous. This whole thing is perplexing.

      • says

        Thank you for commenting. Let me clarify that nowhere in the letter do I mention getting anything for free. My issue was the overwhelming amount of phone calls I was receiving from Macy’s. A grace period is not required, of course, but good customer relations should include a more thoughtful way of contacting a delinquent customer, especially one who has never had an issue previously. Macy’s was very kind in reacting to my complaint and had two separate executives contact me and apologize, so I must have made a point with them. Not to mention that they sent me $100 in gift certificates, which I did not ask for, by the way. The only thing that’s perplexing is why more people don’t voice their frustrations with bad customer service – companies want and need to know about these situations.

  7. says

    I happen to think Macys has gone downhill in every department. Recently, I went to exchange a pair of shoes for a different size, and when I asked the sales rep to call and ask if the other store could hold the pair until I got there, he printed out a list of the stores with telephone #’s, handed it to me and said, “It’s just as easy if you do it yourself.” Wow. No above & beyond there!
    Nicole recently posted..Eugenia ‘Aunt Jean’ McCann PiantieriMy Profile

  8. Nadia says

    I also had a horrible experience with their rude credit card services department. I will close my account as soon as they resolve the money they owe me becuase they bullied me into paying twice because the payment I made in store took 15 days to post. I have never had such a poor customer service experience, even when I said I want to close my account they did not try to pacify me. The discount is not worth being treated like a lying criminal. I have an excellent credit score and I don’t want it ruined by Macy’s archaic systems, more importantly I never want to have to deal with their awful credit card “service” department again. I spoke to 4 different Macys credit people trying to get this resolved and they were all rude, condescending and aggresive. Avoid Macys credit card. I need to find the address to send an official complaint. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Michael Hotaling says

    This is indeed how tenet treat their customers and I am now no longer using Macy’s ever again. I had a similar situation. I have been a Macy’s customer for 7 years and never once was I late. The the past 2 years I have held a $0 balanc on the card. I used the car for gas $30. But I had forgot about it. I did not receive any mails or calls. Until the day after the hit my credit for $30 days late. I picked up the call and pay the money promptly but they will not take the delinquency off my credit report. So I have to have that on my credit report for 7 years. 2 months later they send me a letter dropping my credit balance on the card by thousands of dollars. Ruining my debt to credit ratio further. They way they treated me for being 1 day late is disrespectful. Had they called a day before they hit my credit report instead of the day after this all would have not happened. But the representative said its not our responsibility to call you. But you called me after you ruined my credit. I promptly closed my account and will never do business with American Express or Macy’s ever again.

    I never had this issue with discover. Macy’s does not believe in forgiveness. They only believe in punishing people for mistakes for 7 years of my life. For $30.

      • NCL says

        This JUST happened to me with Macy’s as well. I can’t begin to explain how infuriated I am about this. I never received a bill just a phone call when my payment was late. The only reason there was a balance is because I accidentally used my Macy’s account when I ordered something online because that is the default. I paid the entire balance once I received the phone call and they will NOT remove the derogatory information from my credit report. Customer service was very rude to me when I asked about it. I’ve been a loyal customer, but no more. I’m done. There are plenty of department stores to choose from.

    • K says

      Oh my God, that is EXACTLY the type of thing that happened to me with Macy’s. After constant emails encouraging me to switch to paperless billing, I finally agreed to it (although I am leery of doing that with big companies like Macy’s). During the first month after that, I had purchased something for just over $7.00. I thought it was included in the payment that I had scheduled to be paid to Macy’s 3 weeks later. It wasn’t. Since I never used the card after that, I never had any reason to open their emails (mostly promotional). Three months later, I suddenly get a paper statement that is chock full of penalty charges, etc. and the $7.00+ charge on it. I was horrified. Called Macy’s immediately. Told them I had no idea and why didn’t they call me? Email me? Anything? I paid half the penalty charges and they said all was fine. Except it wasn’t. One week later I get an email from my Credit protection service telling me there is a new posting on my credit history that I should review. It was Macy’s reporting that I was a delinquent account – which they had filed one week PRIOR to me calling. They placed no calls to me. No email. No U.S. mail. NOTHING! When I called and asked them to correct this with the credit agencies, they said they wouldn’t do it. Mind you, I sent two letters to Terry Lundgren also. Nothing. Just a refusal on the part of their executive offices to rectify their credit reporting. Also note – I have been Macy’s customer / credit card holder for 29 years. Never missed a payment once in my life. This “delinquent” notice will be on my credit report for 7 years. Unbelievable. And all for a $7.49 purchase? Mind you – my credit has always been perfect. My score was over 800 and was dinged 70 points for this. It’s lunacy.

      I cancelled the Macy’s card soon after and will never shop with Macy’s again. Neither will my friends and family who I’ve shared this with. Seven of them cancelled their cards. And rightly so. A horribly run company with appalling customer service. Absolutely arrogant and mismanaged. Be forewarned.

      • Christina Adams says

        The exact thing happened to me. I paid my bill and apparently it didn’t process properly. I never received any email, phone call, or bill until after I was reported to the credit bureau and due to my great standing with having paid in full on time for the life of my credit history, they refunded all late fees but are REFUSING to fix the issue with my credit report. I am beyond myself at this point. This after having never had one late bill in 8 years of having my account. Amazing!

        • K says

          Christina – To hear that Macy’s continues to do this to responsible, loyal customers is horrifying. I noticed that there was a recent post where a Macy’s assistant told the person that they “know” their billing email was opened and have proof. That is what they said to me and I didn’t understand how such a thing was possible. Well it turns out, it’s not. I’ve looked into this with a friend who works for a big tech company and he said all t hey can do is confirm if the email has not come back. They have no access to your server and saying such a thing is a bold face lie. So once again, Macy’s is acting fraudulently with their comments to customers.

          Once the credit agencies saw what happened to me (I sent them all my correspondence with Macy’s) and saw the negligence on Macy’s part, they agreed that the Macy’s reporting of my account as delinquent should not negatively affect my credit – = and especially for a $7.49 charge. I was also told that Macy’s has a legal responsibility to contact a customer IN WRITING (not via phone or email) BEFORE they report you to a credit agency as delinquent. It’s part of the consumer protection laws and was set up to give the consumer ample opportunity to correct a billing dispute and to show that they made all efforts to contact you about a billing problem. I am just waiting for the day to hear about someone setting up a class action lawsuit against Macy’s for doing this. The damage they have done to people is unconscionable and they should be made to pay for it big time. I will support that suit any day of the week. And I’ve kept all my records just in case it ever happens. And this lie about knowing you opened their emails will be the perfect piece of evidence to use against them and prove how much they will lie to get their way.

          But enough about Macy’s. I’ve never stepped foot in their store since my incident and never will. And I don’t miss it one bit. I laugh when I see their sad commercials. Sad and pathetic.

          Thanks for sharing your experience, Christina. All the best to you.

    • Natalie says

      I am going through something similar right now. I received an email notification from my credit check-monitoring agency indicating there was credit report changes found. I logged in to find that my score had dropped 87 points and there was a 30 days past due delinquency being reported for my Macy’s account. I then logged onto Macys.com to find that I had a total balance of $77.80, with a minimum payment due by 10/15/2013 of $35.00.

      In researching the amount due, it was fees applied to the initial balance of $53.80 for a purchase that I made on 4 July 2013. I don’t use the card very often, so don’t go online regularly to log into Macy’s, even though they bombard me with unwanted emails for sales events. I paid the full balance due online, and then called the customer service number for Macy’s to close my account and end my association with the organization.

      I received no communication from Macy’s between the time I made the purchase in July until I received notice from the credit monitoring service by email yesterday. I received no letters, no emails, nor any phone call notifications indicating that I had missed a payment before I was reported as delinquent and my credit score was affected over this measly amount of money.

      I would also like to point out that any and all previous purchases made were paid promptly and in full, I just forgot about the July purchase. Yes, I neglected to make the payment before the due date, and that was my mistake, however I didn’t receive a paper statement, email notification, or phone call about the missed payment. I would think that at a minimum, a phone call would not have been remiss if the small amount of money due was such a big deal. To just go straight to ruining someone’s credit without any kind of communication over two months is ridiculous.

      They have lost a customer for life. I am just waiting for a call back from Mr. Lundgren’s office and for a customer service agent to call me back on Monday with a response on removing the 30 day delinquency notice from my credit report.

      • K says

        Sorry to hear of your experience, Natalie. I’m wondering if there’s a class-action type suit we can put together. This can’t be legal. I’ve spoken to a few people at the credit agencies and they’ve reiterated that a company has a legal responsibility to notify you by mail or speak to you on the phone before ever reporting you to the credit agencies. They have to make a concerted effort to do it and show proof that they did. None of this happened with me – and by the sounds of it – the same with you. I personally don’t want to put any more time into Macy’s – it’s wasted, negative energy. However, I feel badly that this continues to happen to others, as your post indicates.

        I will put myself out there if there are others who are running into this. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

  10. shawn says

    I’ve had the same issue with them! I had someone fraudulently used my Macy’s card online. I called Macy’s to report the problem. They said they would close my account, send me a new card, and void the charges though I may still receive a couple of statements afterwards with the charges still on there. I did indeed receive a new card – but the charges were never removed! I received a ridiculously long form to fill out involving the fraud, and since the woman on the phone didn’t say anything about forms to fill out, I assumed they were a bogus attempt from someone to obtain my credit card #, SSN, etc. Same deal as you – I didn’t recognize the number on my phone, so I didn’t pick it up and a message was never left. Finally fed up with the repeated calls, I picked up and it was CitiBank demanding payment! I explained the situation to the woman on the phone; she said she would contact Macy’s and recommended I do the same. I did and was told the long forms I was sent were legitimate and I needed to fill them out. I did and mailed them in this week. Then today, before 11:00 a.m, I received TWO calls from Citibank demanding payment. They said my fraud claim had been denied. I angrily explained the situation to them, told them to stop calling, and hung up on them. I then fired off any angry e-mail to Macy.s

    God, what is it with them?! I am so angry right now I can’t see straight. Anybody know what agency I can report this harassment to?

    • K says

      Shawn – Totally understand. Read my post and you’ll see what I went through. Had the same reaction – so angry I couldn’t see straight. But I put it behind me and won’t give them any more of my energy or attention. Not worth it. But I do understand your frustration so wanted to let you know that. Take care.

  11. April says

    Thanks for the info I needed to finally close my account with Macy’s. I’ve had problems with them, too. In December, I paid off my Macy’s balance based on the info provided over their automated telephone services. In January, I didn’t get a bill. In March, I received a bill for a $30 late fee on $3 of unpaid interest. I just paid it in good faith. So, I assumed I had a zero balance… HOWEVER, in April I got a bill for $2 in interest… on a zero balance??!? I called and threatened to close my account, and I got a refund for the $30 dollar late fee, and the $2 of who-knows-why…. It’s May and I have been so paranoid about my Macys account that I call often to check my balance (sad, huh?). After finding this blog, I decided to cancel the account permanently and never shop Macys again. It should be a red flad to everyone that Macys is using call centers in Asia to answer all complaints. I think the quality of everything Macys is now cheap and unregulated.

  12. Sarah says

    Thanks for posting this. It’s good to know I am not alone. The same thing just happened to me with Macy’s, and I’m flabbergasted. What’s worse: My online account shows a zero balance. How can I pay a bill that doesn’t appear to exist?

  13. says

    This is completely true about Macy’s. My account payment was for 75$ as well. I’ve received 14 calls in 4 days. There online system does not notify you that your account balance is past due. It simply states when the next payment is due, which for me is June 17th. They also add on a late fee of $25. I just sent an email with pictures of all account information requesting them to show me where anything is past due. It’s ridiculous, I’m paying off the account and closing it immediately.

  14. Pete Scala says

    Good for you Sharon!
    Macy’s failed to send me a bill so I missed one payment 30 days late in MY ENTIRE LIFE! I cost me 42 points on my credit report! As soon as it was reported on my credit report I called them and paid it over the phone. Then I got another automatic 30 days late because the payment never caught up in time. I asked them very nicely to excuse it! They not only excused it but sent me a nasty letter stating that it will be on my credit report for seven years!
    The people who work in the credit department get off on this type of behavior. The best sound was the credit card going into the shredder. They don’t realize that they lose me and everyone associated with me!! I’m a 55 year old hard working person who never sponged off the government! If they keep losing people like us who will be left to buy their products??
    Pete Scala

  15. nikki says

    My fiance and I have always paid in full and he is overseas working and missed the payment by 3 days. I reminded him and he paid our balance in full. I tried to buy a blowdryer for 40 bucks and it said my payment cant be processed. Plus I saw our payment was still pending. I contacted Macys and they said because we had a past due balance of 40 bucks. So I said okay and waited a week. Still pending so I call them to find out that we cant use the card until our next payment date in August. That is ridiculous. We have credit cards with other stores and this never happened. I couldnt use my card for 3 weeks because of a 40 bucks late payment. Im officially done with Macys. The funny thing is they always have deals like 20 percent off or buy one get one half off. There is no reason to keep the card and most of the star rewards coupons dont work on anything I buy. Stay away from Macys credit card.

  16. Jay says

    Macy’s customer service is horrible I recommend calling their presidential offices at 877-887-8781 and discuss your problems with president terry lungdren. By calling this number you avoid all red tape and non English speaking robots. Good luck and call 877-887-8781 9 to 5 m-f located in mason, oh!!! Tell them jarrett sent you!

    • Cheryll Houston says

      Thanks for that #, Jay. After months of harassment for an ERROR MACYS MADE (they actually owe us money) we filed with the BBB and used your # in this note to leave a message for the President. Fingers-crossed. THANK YOU!

  17. Regina says

    I just had a similar experience with Macy’s. I have been a customer since I was very young, but cancelled my account today because of a $25 late fee that they would not resolve. Evidently, I had signed up for electronic statements and did not activate it, and paper accounts were no longer sent to my address. I told them it was disheartening to no longer have a Macy’s account after so many years.

  18. Matilda says

    CANCEL MACY’S CREDIT CARDS NOW! I got my Macy’s Star Rewards card in February 2013, purchased ONE $74 item, and paid by check, on time, in full, in enclosed envelope. They claimed to never got that payment, and pressured me to pay by credit card over the phone. They called me, so I refused. You never know who people really are, could’ve been scammers. Well turns out Macy’s is a big time scammer. Now the account is $215.67 — all fees and interest on that orig amount. Sad. They’re working the pressure, working the “never got your check,” or whatever, counting on getting at least one month’s late fee out of all of us. I’ll bet.

  19. Matilda says

    And did you notice how their terms on page 2 of their statements are too blurry to read easily, or at all?

    Steve Rhodes founder of Getoutofdebt.org says to send a certified letter requesting documentation of all the charges and fees, and their terms of agreement that allow them to add those charges. And other steps to take. I found it here:


    “write a certified letter to the credit card company asking for a detailed accounting of the penalties, fees and interest, along with a copy of the contract that permits the card company to charge these items for a defaulted account. Sometimes the card company will give you the info; most times they will not. If the card company cannot verify the proper amount of the debt, then it can only credit-report the amounts which it can verify, which is usually the principal-plus-interest at time of default. It may not be a big case, but consumers who fall victim to this type of false credit reporting can probably use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to pressure the card companies to at least lower the demand to the principal-plus-interest at time of default.”

    Macy’s hasn’t sued me, but I’d begun to look into how to handle this problem.

  20. Caro says

    As a Canadian, I’ve had very few dealings with Macy’s, and I hope never to do any business with them in the future. While visiting my daughter in the U.S. in September, I shopped at Macy’s and was told that I would receive a discount if I got one of their cards. The final amount of the purchase was only $22.32, which I paid in full by U.S. money order as soon as I received a statement. I then received a further bill, saying my payment was late and I owed them an additional $24.32 in late fees. I sent that back with a copy of the money order, showing that it had been sent before the due date. Today I received a further statement adding an additional $37.00 late fee. So they are now saying I owe them $61.00 in late fees on a $22.32 bill paid on time. I plan to pay that amount under protest and cancel my card, but I worry that their harassment will continue. Macy’s does not exist in Canada, and I have no need for their card, but I have never had an issue with other U.S. department store cards.

  21. maryam says

    Hi Sharon,

    I just came across your blog and I must say I can totally sympathize with your situation. We had recently changed banks and bc I do all my payments online just one payment was late. I received no notices until the collectors kept calling and like you after much harassment I answered the phone to find out what had happened. I agree it was my fault for being late but I’ve been a loyal customer for over ten years paying my balance off every month on time. They told me the same thing after I made several calls to the credit department that this how they treat all customers who miss a payment. They didn’t care about my loyalty or thousands of dollars I have spent in their store and even reported it to the creditors to be placed on my credit report for ten years. Although I made the payment in full right away and they removed the late fee and finance charge their credit department refused to remove the mark from my credit report. I was so irate and disgusted with their customer service that I boycotted them for a long time. You are right 20% discount is not worth being treated like a third class citizen. What’s the difference bw us who had an oversight vs someone who doesn’t pay their bill at all. That’s why Nordstrom will always by far be a superior store bc Macy’s doesn’t even come close to their customer service. 2 Thumbs down all the way!!!

    • K says

      Dear Maryam,
      Bravo to you for sharing your story. It still shocks me that so many people have gone through this very same experience. The most disturbing part is how many of us were loyal Macy’s customers who have always paid their bills on time and have never been anything but supportive and loyal customers. Customers who spent thousands of dollars over the years. And that’s how they treat us? It’s appalling. And the smugness of Macy’s Credit Department is not to be believed. I know that myself and others have sent letters to Terry Lundgren (Macy’s CEO) and never heard back from him. I can only assume that that he has never gotten them. If he has gotten them and allowed this to go on, then this type of behavior starting at the top will be considered acceptable at Macy’s and will continue until a more in-touch CEO takes control. One could only hope. I know they’ve lost me and so many others for good. And yes about Nordstrom’s — customer care is phenomenal.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  22. says

    Someone has walked into Macy’s Lakewood TWICE in the past year and added themselves to my account and went on a spree. Macy’s has a very lax security protocol. I am only using my Visa card from now on. It’s unbelievable they would let someone do that.

    PS- We live in CPE! How odd is that that you are the first I saw?!?

  23. Lisa says

    Hi, thank you for posting on your blog regarding Macy’s issues. I too am having an issue where they will not correct my credit report and I have an email stating they will. It is over a month and nothing. I have emailed and called the sender of this email numerous times, I emailed Carrie Wade last week ( no answer )and just emailed Terry Lundgren. I am discouraged by all the responses here and it looks as if I may not get resolution. A couple quick questions:

    Do you think it was your twitter post that got them moving? If so what did you post, the whole letter?

    Do you or anyone else know of a class action lawsuit regarding this?

    Thank as for posting this issue on your blog and yes I too have been a Macy credit customer for over 20 yrs. This is disgraceful to say the least. Lisa

    • Sharon Greenthal says

      Hi Lisa,

      I believe tweeting my blog post was what moved them to action. The letter was included in my blog post.

      I don’t know of any class action lawsuits, and since my issue was resolved I haven’t investigated it any further.

      I am convinced that Macy’s has no idea what to do about these issues because I get many views of this post each day, and it seems that an unhappy customer is a lost customer, so it surprises me that they haven’t gotten a better handle on it.

      • Lisa says

        Hi Sharon,

        I wanted to provide an update. Our issue is now resolved and Macy’s had an erroneous reporting to the credit institutions removed from our reports. The day after I emailed Mr. Lundgren I got a call from a very nice woman from the executive office asking to go over all the information and forward her any emails that would help. The correction did take a couple more weeks but I believe that was the fault of the credit report company. Macy’s was actually glad I contacted them and showed them the email from my bank stating I would be getting my statement in the mail from Macy’s. This was incorrect and Macy’s automatically moves statements to email so beware and check your spam. I did inform them that there are many unhappy Macy’s customers out there dealing with their collection department. Hopefully this can help others. Be persistent, brief and to the point when trying have an issue addressed. Best wishes, Lisa

  24. Mari says

    Thank you so much for this post. It is so releiving to hear we’re not the only ones treated like this by Macy’s.

    My mother got a Macy’s store card in early 2011 and had been a customer in good standing for over two years, when this last December, money got too tight to pay everything and she missed a payment date.

    They started calling us right before Christmas. They call 3-6 times on a regular day, and they called EIGHT TIMES on Christmas Day.

    My mother has since paid them, and tried not to miss a payment date, but money is still tight, and every month, when she pays a few days late, we get nonstop harassment calls, despite the fact that I researched our state laws and found that it’s illegal to call every day, multiple times a day. Everyone in the house constantly re-inform the callers that the company can be sued for calling so much in our state, even citing state law/statute numbers.

    Yet day after day until a paycheck comes starting about three days after a missed payment, they call from 9am right up until 9pm.

    This is DISGRACEFUL and to me is a sign that Macy’s is yet another company that doesn’t care about its customers, probably doesn’t care about its employees, and only cares about profits.

  25. Jamshid says

    It has been 3 months that i resigned from macys and once i paid the payment due 74 USD then called the customer service to close my revolving account many times then was told that you have 36 USD there will be no other payment and your account will be closed unfortunatly today i have recieved another payment due 64 USD after a one month payment. Can anyone tell me whats going on with this compan? I keep calling them i wana close my acount and no body ( customer service) assesting me. I dont know where to go and close my acount. Please if you ( macy’s) acount manager see my account contact me and close my account :(

  26. Dawn Trunfio says

    I made a payment in August (on their online service). My due date was August the 28th and I scheduled the payment for the August the 14th. I just received a call today saying that I owe $75. Apparently, the payment never went through. Has anyone else had this problem? I did have enough money in my account (I paid the minimum $25.)… Is this a new Macy’s “money scam”?…

  27. K says

    Kelly – I cannot believe how identical our experience was with Macy’s. You’ll see my posting above re: them reporting me to the credit agencies without me ever knowing I had a $7.92 charge on my account that I had not paid. I’ve been a customer with a Macy’s card since 1982. Never missed a payment or was ever late. Perfect credit. No letter, nothing. It was an email issue, just like yours, and it happened for 3 straight months. I hadn’t even used the card in that time so I had no reason to think I had a bill due. They would not relent and refused to correct the delinquency reporting to the credit agencies. And like you, it sent my score plummeting 80 + points. I have since been able to have the credit agencies adjust my score back to the 800+ range it was in. They saw that this incident was clearly questionable. The incident will remain on my report for the 7 year period, but it has a notation next to it that the customer (Me) disputed the delinquency reporting. And because it was such a ridiculously small amount, they sided with me by adjusting my score.

    I recommend you contact them and file a dispute about Macy’s delinquency reporting. If you want, I can go back in my records and see who I sent it to. Just let me know.

    Thanks for posting your experience. Macy’s has become an incredibly arrogant company with an entitlement mindset that is not compatible with someone I want to do business with. Like you, I will never step foot in there again. And neither will any of my family and extended family, who were horrified when they learned of my story. I’ll be sure to share yours, as well.

    All the best — K

    • Kelly says

      Weirdly enough, I think my original comment has gone missing. I just received a new comment which made me think of it.

      I ended up sending a letter to everyone I could find on their executive team and did receive a follow up from an assistant to someone on the executive team. She said that they could prove that I opened my billing statement via email on the day that it was sent. I have to say I found that a bit creepy and just avoid online billing statements as much as possible. So it was my mistake – but it was still over a balance that was less than $100 and as I said in my original comment, I had a credit card with them for years and was never late.

      The good news is my FICO score has gone back up to where it was before, I assume because I am now extra vigilant about the full balance ahead of time on all of my credit cards. I have not shopped at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s since the whole fiasco occurred. Best of all, I don’t miss shopping at either place at all!!!

      • K says

        Kelly – Good for you. See my post today to Christina above re: the assistant who said they could prove that you opened your billing statement via email on the day that it was sent. I had the same thing repeated to me. Again, another lie on Macy’s part.

        Glad you’re moving forward, as am I. Macy’s? What’s Macy’s? K

  28. Greg says

    The discounts we had at macy’s on the day we purchased the kids thing we purchased were not reflected in our billing. A 20% in store discount. The only discount it shows is 10% for opening the card.

  29. Angela Edwards says

    I have filed a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Macy’s for charging their credit card customers “CREDIT PRO” fees without their authorization, knowledge or consent. You may want to carefully check your bills! Feel free to contact me for more information. Thank you.

    Angela Edwards, Esq.
    Law Office of Angela Edwards
    East Longmeadow, MA 01028
    (413) 525-3820


  30. Christina Adams says

    I sure wish I had read this years ago. I have been sent to collections after paying my bill online. Macys says it wasn’t received and never sent me notification until after I was sent to collections. I have never had one missed payment since I’ve been with them and have always paid the entire bill in full and I have beed treated like I’ve never paid on time. I am appalled to say the least. I will never set foot in another Macys store and wish I could return everything I’ve purchased from them.

    They refuse to fix my credit report although they’ve credited me every dime of late fees associated with this issue. They must get some sort of perk for sending customers to the credit bureau.

  31. Debbie says

    I am struggling with the Macy’s dispute area as well. Has anyone successfully won over this incredibly inept organization? Thank you for any advice you may have to offer. A measly $58 is costing me a home loan.

  32. Don Trosky says

    I tried to pay my card on time and their system cut me off several times… The next day (due date) I had to take my stepdaughter for x rays from a front end collision about one hundred miles each way and I forgot about it for five days and again the call in system cut me off several times and when I got thru I waited over fifteen minutes for a snappy supervisor who was a total jerk… I paid my bill plus late fee and was told that they always do things like that and basically they could care less… What a cobal of jerks. When I go to Macy’s I will not use their credit card again… Their call in system is a mess and their agents are disgraceful and rude…These idiots cannot get it that they need to treat the customers with respect and programmers can improve their program and make it work more smoothly for everyone… on a one to ten scale I would give them a minus ten… Love Macy’s hate their credit system…

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