12 Irritating Words and Phrases


      Every decade has its words that became worn out from overuse. In the sixties, it has to have been “groovy.” The 70’s introduced the tired term “bummer.” In the 80’s it “bitchin’ ” turned everyone into a surfer dude. In the 90’s I’d venture to say that “bling” became the word that no one wanted to hear anymore. And in the decade that began this … [Read more...]

12most Enjoyable Blogs by Women

blogs by women

Since starting my blog, Empty House, Full Mind, in August of 2011, I have read hundreds of other blogs by women — and there are some terrific ones out there. My preference for personal blogs is well-written, not too long posts with a unique author’s voice that says “this is me.” For a how-to or recipe blog, I like useful information shared in an easily accessible way with great … [Read more...]

12 Most Useful Things I Learned at Summer Camp

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Where I grew up, in the suburbs of New York City, it was commonplace for children to spend eight weeks each summer at overnight camp. From as early as the age of 6 through 16 or so, many of my contemporaries were ensconced in camps across New England, each perched on a lake. Some may think sending children away for that long at such young ages is slightly barbaric, but to me … [Read more...]

Why I Could Never Have Homeschooled my Children – a Response

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This week on one of my favorite websites, 12most.com (full disclosure: I am a contributor), there was a fascinating and eye-opening post and follow-up conversation about homeschooling. I voiced my opinion - as I have been known to do - that I believe that public school, when maneuvered correctly and with parental involvement, can offer an excellent education for our … [Read more...]

Time Saving Tips for Getting Organized in 2013

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  Having worked as a professional organizer, I can say with some certainty that everyone has a place in their lives that needs a little organizational tweaking. From closets to checkbooks, kitchens to cars, all of us have something (or maybe a few things) that are disorganized enough that we have written them off for good, or ignore them consistently. The following … [Read more...]