Insomnia at Midlife – When the Mind Is At Its Sharpest

Insomnia at Midlife - When the Mind Is (1)

A hot (no pun intended) topic among my midlife friends is insomnia, which goes hand-in-hand with hot flashes, headaches, irritability, weight gain, and so many other symptoms that come and go as we sometimes blindly find our way through the haze of perimenopause and menopause. Insomnia is the most disruptive of all the symptoms, it seems. A conversation with some of my … [Read more...]

Dear Bride: How Not to Talk to Your Groom

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On a plane ride home from Dallas this weekend, I was seated next to a young couple, who it turns out were engaged. Seated barely 12 inches from them, it was hard not to overhear their conversation, and of course once I got the gist of it I couldn't stop was like a reality show, only live. Bride was berating groom because apparently he wanted to have his family … [Read more...]

The Art of Parenting

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Yesterday I posted this photo on my Facebook page: It was seen and shared over 2000 times. Apparently it struck a nerve. I take no credit for the sentiment - that would go to Dr. Bill Cosby, comedian and philosopher extraordinaire. I do know, however, that no truer words about parenting have ever been spoken. There is no right way to raise your children. There is … [Read more...]

My Son Heard Gunshots at a Party #louderthanguns

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Sometimes it seems to me that Arizona is the last of the wild west, especially when it comes to guns. As a state with virtually no regulations on gun possession or purchases and a very angry sheriff running it's most populous county ,  Arizona is a powder keg, combining the population's love of firearms with a "get out of my town" mentality that is difficult to understand when … [Read more...]

J. Lo and Me – an Afternoon with Ellen Degeneres

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My daughter Katie has a great job, and I, as her loving mother, am the recipient of some very cool perks because of it. Working as an assistant to a Talent Publicist in the entertainment industry, Katie has, on numerous occasions, brought home some great free stuff. The best thing, though, that Katie has given me, her loving mother, has been experiences. Yesterday I went to … [Read more...]