Photographic Memory 2.0

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  Along with the zillions of other things that computers have changed and redesigned in our lives, one of the most pervasive is the art of the photograph. Once upon a time, the process of taking, developing, labeling and archiving photos was a labor-intensive and tactile process. There was some mystery to it all - we didn't know how the photos would turn out, whether … [Read more...]

Aging As Youthfully as We Can


One of the biggest problems with getting older is that everyone else is getting older too. Day to day, the aging process is slow and steady -- it comes in daily increments, little by little, so that we barely notice the changes until, of course, we do. "Where did that wrinkle come from?" we wonder. "When did that spot appear?" we think as we look at our hands, our faces, … [Read more...]

How to Make Friends

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The  close friends I have now, for the most part, are friends I made when my children were very young. The pre-school rule that mandated all students in the class be invited to every birthday party may not have been as important for the kids as it was for the parents, who all stood around chatting and getting to know each other as their little ones tumbled or sang or painted or … [Read more...]

Empty Nesting for the Second Time

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Adjusting to the empty nest is difficult, there's no doubt about it. When my youngest left for college in the fall of 2010, I felt as though my life's work - being a full-time mother - was over, and I wondered - a lot - about what I was supposed to do next. I missed my kids, but almost more than them I missed my daily sense of purpose - the time-consuming and emotionally … [Read more...]

Kids as Adults – a New Kind of Parenting


Being a mother never ends. We all know that. Here I am with two grown kids, and still I worry - not like I did when they were growing up, but they are there, all the time, in my train of thought. Is there  a moment as a mother when you aren't a mother? Are you able to put aside the mother in you? Not me. Not ever. Over the past few months, my kids have both returned home. … [Read more...]