Adventures in Blogging – That Time I Went Viral

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Going viral is the brass ring of blogging. For most bloggers, it's nearly impossible to go viral just from publishing on our own blogs - we need to be on a much bigger site than our little corners of the internet. For personal and parenting bloggers,there are sites like Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, the New York Times Motherlode, and the biggest blog site of all, the … [Read more...]

I’m Going to BlogHer ’14 – Why You Should, Too


I am being compensated by BlogHer to write about my experiences at the BlogHer conferences. My first BlogHer conference was in New York. That was in 2012. I knew absolutely no one who was going. No one. I had some online connections who I was looking forward to meeting in person, though. And some of those women are among my closest friends today. I had been blogging for a … [Read more...]

My Son Heard Gunshots at a Party #louderthanguns

deaths by guns, gun deaths by state, violence and guns, Arizona gun laws, gun control

Sometimes it seems to me that Arizona is the last of the wild west, especially when it comes to guns. As a state with virtually no regulations on gun possession or purchases and a very angry sheriff running it's most populous county ,  Arizona is a powder keg, combining the population's love of firearms with a "get out of my town" mentality that is difficult to understand when … [Read more...]

Boobs. A Conversation.


My midlife blogger friends and I talk about a lot of things. We talk about getting older. We talk about our sex lives - good, bad or nonexistent. We talk about our kids - but not as often as mommy bloggers. We talk about writing techniques, social media, and blogging tools. We talk about books and movies. Sometimes tv. We talk about fashion - especially … [Read more...]

What Would You Tell Your Twenty Year Old Self?

My brother Michael and me, 1982

What would I tell my 20 year old self? Oh my goodness, where to begin. The problem would be getting her to listen to me, because she didn't like to hear any advice or criticism. She was very sensitive, that girl. At 20, she was a confusing mix of arrogance and anxiety. Up until very recently she'd been a lot of fun, but something had been lost - though she'll get it back.  She … [Read more...]