Sometimes, Life Takes a Toll

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Every year we spend Christmas with my husband's side of the family. There are 16 of us, and for the most part this is the only time we see each other all year. The grandchildren are nearly all adults now,  and the "kids" are all, except for one, eligible for AARP cards. What used to be an avalanche of noisy, crazy toy-heavy gift opening has become a much more low-key exchange … [Read more...]

15 Things I Miss During the Holidays in My Empty Nest (Cookies!)

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Most of the year, the empty nest is good. Though I miss my kids when I don't see them or hear from them often enough (are you listening, son?), my husband and I have adapted quite nicely to a home that's just the two of us and our dog. But somewhere around mid-October, I start to feel the emptiness a little bit more, as the holiday season begins.  Here are 15 things I … [Read more...]

The Dirty, Messy Business of Hanukkah

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It's Hanukkah. Whoop-de-frickin'-do. Every December the Jewish girl in me wishes I could put aside my inherent reluctance to embrace Christmas so I could festoon my house with bright, twinkly lights. I'd like to go out and buy a big, beautiful tree, on which I'd hang fragile, shiny ornaments - aqua blue and gold this year to match the fabrics in my living room. I'd love to … [Read more...]

Are Boomers the Last Nostalgic Generation?


I recently read something on Twitter that caught my attention: "An American tradition is something that happened to a baby-boomer twice." It was posted by someone much, much younger than I am - and it kind of made me wonder - is it true?  Upon further internet sleuthing, I discovered that this quote is in reference to Christmas music, and how most of the music considered … [Read more...]