What it’s Like to Be in an Earthquake

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The March 28 5.1 earthquake, centered in La Habra, California was the largest quake in Southern California in many years. Followed by hundreds of lesser aftershocks, it was also preceded by a foreshock of 3.1 magnitude. For each increment of 1, an earthquake feels 10 times stronger on the Richter scale. So while a 4.0 feels like this: Noticeable shaking of indoor objects and … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for the Next Disaster

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Here in Southern California, we worry about earthquakes. We also worry about wildfires, tsunamis and mudslides. In the midwest, there are tornadoes. On the east coast, hurricanes, like Hurrican Sandy, which devastated huge portions of the eastern seaboard. I've been through some wild weather and quite a few earthquakes. When I lived on Long Island, I experienced … [Read more...]