About a Guy I Once Knew


He was that guy. In the history of guys, he was the guy every girl has known. Some girls even marry that guy, but not many. By the time that guy gets ready to settle down, he’s no longer that guy. He’s mellower, older, a little tired. But my guy, who was that guy … well. He was the perfect concoction of things that are that guy — deep blue eyes, dark hair just starting to … [Read more...]

When It’s Time to Let a Friend Go

birds flying, flying over the ocean, adult children, leaving home, growing up, parenting adult children, being a parent, midlife, empty-nest, baby boomer

I recently saw a series of photos on Facebook of friends from college who had gathered together in San Diego for a few days of fun. They were the usual types of images - laughing at a bar, standing in front of the ocean - you know the drill. It was fun to see the photos until I realized something was missing. I wasn't there. Now, some of these women weren't my close … [Read more...]

The Art of Parenting

bill cosby, parenting, raising children, family, being a parent, imperfection, learning, knowing how to parent, how to raise children, midlife, empty-nest, baby boomer, facebook, inspiration

Yesterday I posted this photo on my Facebook page: It was seen and shared over 2000 times. Apparently it struck a nerve. I take no credit for the sentiment - that would go to Dr. Bill Cosby, comedian and philosopher extraordinaire. I do know, however, that no truer words about parenting have ever been spoken. There is no right way to raise your children. There is … [Read more...]

Aging As Youthfully as We Can


One of the biggest problems with getting older is that everyone else is getting older too. Day to day, the aging process is slow and steady -- it comes in daily increments, little by little, so that we barely notice the changes until, of course, we do. "Where did that wrinkle come from?" we wonder. "When did that spot appear?" we think as we look at our hands, our faces, … [Read more...]