How Walking My Dog is Like Raising My Children


My dog Lambeau is thrilled each time I take the leash out of the closet. He jumps up and down, leaping with the joyous anticipation of fresh air, new scents, puddles, grass and the mystery of the unknown. My babies would greet me each morning, standing in their cribs, their happy, toothless grins welcoming me, their tiny hands reaching for me – open, close, open, close – … [Read more...]

The Best Gift I Ever Gave – and Received

grandmother, granddaughter, gift given, gift received, artist, artistic, family, heirloom, grandmother and granddaughter

This is a post written for the Midlife Boulevard blog hop. Check out other great posts at the bottom of this page, or click over to Midlife Boulevard to see more.   When I was a child, I thought of myself as an artist. This was not surprising, as my family was filled with creative, artistic women. My aunt was an art student when I was a little girl, and my … [Read more...]

Why Housework Matters


An op-ed piece in the Sunday, December 8, 2013 edition of The New York Times entitled "The Case for Living in Filth"  about the role men and women play in the management of the home is most certainly going to be the trigger for many discussions among groups of women and married or cohabiting couples. Among the writers and philosophers cited in the article are Karl Marx and … [Read more...]

Why the Opinions of Others Don’t Matter

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One of the greatest things about being older (ish) is not much caring anymore about what other people think about me. I don't mean my husband or my kids, or especially my mother - I still need her approval more than anyone's, and I'm ok with that - I mean the rest of the world. I mean the snotty salesgirl at the exclusive department store, the disinterested and distracted … [Read more...]

Thank You For the Music

I could say thank you to my family, friends, readers and colleagues for your support, encouragement and friendship in  a million different ways, but this year I'll go with music - because how can I go wrong? Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving 2013. … [Read more...]