My Celebrity Crush – Bill Clinton

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  In February of 2006 my husband and I went with another couple to see Billy Crystal's brilliant and funny one-man show, 700 Sundays. At the end of the show, which I found particularly entertaining because it felt as though he had been living with my family while I was growing up (we weren't the only people that  were crazy!), Mr. Crystal returned to the stage with a large … [Read more...]

What Would You Tell Your Twenty Year Old Self?

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What would I tell my 20 year old self? Oh my goodness, where to begin. The problem would be getting her to listen to me, because she didn't like to hear any advice or criticism. She was very sensitive, that girl. At 20, she was a confusing mix of arrogance and anxiety. Up until very recently she'd been a lot of fun, but something had been lost - though she'll get it back.  She … [Read more...]