Why Marriage is For Me

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If you read blogs or go on Facebook or even watch the news, you've probably heard about the post written by Seth Adam Smith, Marriage Isn't For You. In the post, Mr. Smith writes thoughtfully and sincerely about his brief  (1 1/2 years) marriage and the advice his father gave him about what marriage is for: ...You don’t marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone … [Read more...]

How – and Why – I Met My Husband

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  Meeting the love of your life - first, second, third or more - is  a  memorable and important day for most of us.  I look back on the day I met my husband and feel two things most of all - grateful and lucky. Because what I believe about the love of your life is this - it's all about timing. I am convinced that, especially for men, the most important thing about making a … [Read more...]