The Best Gift I Ever Gave – and Received

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This is a post written for the Midlife Boulevard blog hop. Check out other great posts at the bottom of this page, or click over to Midlife Boulevard to see more.   When I was a child, I thought of myself as an artist. This was not surprising, as my family was filled with creative, artistic women. My aunt was an art student when I was a little girl, and my … [Read more...]

For my Grandmother Amy, with Love

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I have so many memories of my grandparents - some of which I wasn’t even around to experience. The family stories, the iconic ancestors, the inside jokes and traditions passed from generation to generation – sometimes it’s hard for me to remember where my memories begin and where the stories from before my time are interwoven, becoming a comforting crazy quilt of history that … [Read more...]

The Gift of Four Generations

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This post was written in May of 2012. My grandmother passed away in October of that year.  This Mother’s Day I’ll once again be reminded that I’m a lucky woman. Not everything in my life has gone smoothly – just like everyone else in the world – but I’ve had one thing that’s been pretty amazing. Four generations.   My grandmother will be 98 at the end of May. … [Read more...]

My Grandmother is Better Than Yours


I am not a particularly religious person, but I was blessed from the very beginning of my life with one particular gift - my grandmother. My grandmother is named Amy. That's what I've always called her - Amy. Family lore has it that when I, the first of her six grandchildren, was born, and she was just 48, there were so many other "grands" still alive that she became Amy … [Read more...]