Why My Children Didn’t Have Jobs in High School

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  When I was in high school, I worked at Ralph's grocery store in what was then known as the "appetizing department," but now is simply the deli. I sliced meat, made sandwiches, refilled tubs of potato salad, cleaned the fry machine - it was hard work. I worked alongside middle-aged men, unambitious young women and other teenage girls. I wore an orange polyester uniform … [Read more...]

How to Make Friends

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The  close friends I have now, for the most part, are friends I made when my children were very young. The pre-school rule that mandated all students in the class be invited to every birthday party may not have been as important for the kids as it was for the parents, who all stood around chatting and getting to know each other as their little ones tumbled or sang or painted or … [Read more...]

Did Anyone Really Like High School?

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What do you feel when you think about high school? Nostalgia? Happiness? Sheer terror? Numbness? Some remember it longingly, the glory days of their youth, the end of everything that was great in their lives - and for those people I feel sad. Some would rather not remember it at all, the isolation, insults, loneliness and awkward moments too painful to recall - and for those … [Read more...]

Why I Could Never Have Homeschooled my Children

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  This week on one of my favorite websites, 12most.com (full disclosure: I am a contributor), there was a fascinating and eye-opening post and follow-up conversation about homeschooling. I voiced my opinion - as I have been known to do - that I believe that public school, when maneuvered correctly and with parental involvement, can offer an excellent education for our … [Read more...]