Remembering Firsts, Missing Lasts


We talk a lot about the firsts in our lives – first loves, first jobs, our babies' first steps and first words. Firsts are noted and momentous – photos taken, dates recorded. Firsts are the exciting beginning of whatever comes next – the first day of school offers the possibility of  good grades, new friends and new opportunities. The first date…well, that’s the ultimate first … [Read more...]

Karma – What Goes Around, Comes Around

karma, what goes around comes around, payback, doing good for others, life lessons, family, children, midlife, empty nest

Karma. I learned about it a long time ago when I was in college from a co-worker who, when I told her I had been let go from my job after refusing my boss’s inappropriate sexual advances said of him, “what goes around, comes around.” I thought those words were the most brilliant thing I’d ever heard, and they have been my personal motto ever since. Back then I had just a vague … [Read more...]

How to Turn Fifty


I have a secret to share. It will be my birthday in a few days (on January 26), and I will be fifty. That's not the secret though - I'm pretty sure my friends and family already know this, since I've been reminding them for months - or they've been reminding me. The secret's not so bad.   The way to turn fifty is to embrace it. Tell everyone you know … [Read more...]