Finding Your Way Back to You in the Empty Nest


As the end of summer approaches, there's a large, collective sigh about to be heard among parents sending their children to college. Mingled with that collective sigh will be tears, "I love yous," and a million different ways of saying goodbye. Whether it's the first time they're leaving, or time for them to return to a dorm room or a student-friendly apartment, the homes … [Read more...]

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Help From P&Geveryday

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Some days I just don't get enough sleep. At midlife, in perimenopause, sleep is erratic and, it seems, never enough. There are nights when I awaken at 3:30 and know, without a doubt, that I won't be going back to sleep again. I creep out of bed so as not to wake my snoring husband who will inevitably say "just lie here and relax." Clearly, he doesn't understand. I don't … [Read more...]

Being Comfortable with the Quiet of an Empty Nest


One of the most challenging things when your kids leave home is being comfortable with the quiet of an empty nest. Despite a fundamentally good marriage, there are hours...days...sometimes longer when my husband and I don't have much to say to each other. It's not that he's not interesting - and it's certainly not that I'm not fascinating - it's just that some days we run out … [Read more...]

Crossing Item #1 Off My Bucket List

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My bucket list isn't very long, and it's not too ambitious, either. I don't long for adventures, I'll never compete in a triathlon, and building my dream home is something I gave up on a long time ago - though I'm very happy in the house we live in. This year will be my 25th anniversary, and in celebration of that, my husband and I are heading to Italy for a 2 week vacation … [Read more...]

25 Ways You Know You Were a Parent in the 90’s


For those of us who became parents in the 1990's, there are things that we experienced that young parents of today will never understand. Like how devastating it could be when a VCR tape broke. Or when a roll of film was over-exposed and none of the pictures from your kid's birthday party came out. You know that happened. Here are 25 things you remember if you're a parent of … [Read more...]