Parenting an Average Student


Note: This post was written with my son's blessing and encouragement.  One of the most challenging aspects of raising my son was accepting the fact that he was an unmotivated student. Though his father and I tried not to let his grades define how we saw him, especially during high school, they did have an impact on how we viewed ourselves as parents. We had moments of … [Read more...]

The Gifts of Adult Children


There comes a day as a parent when the pendulum swings towards your child becoming a full-grown adult. The world tilts a little and the pendulum stays there, never returning to childhood again.   I look at my daughter's face and see barely a whisper of the little girl who once reached for me with chubby hands and a baby toothed grin - her nails are manicured, … [Read more...]

25 Great Things About Being the Mom of Adults


Though there are times when I miss having little children, being the mom of adults has it's perks.   You no longer have to drive them anywhere. They should, by now, have their own transportation. Your wallet is no longer their ATM. You can give them money if you want to, and it feels good when you do. If you're lucky, their appreciation for you has finally … [Read more...]