Why I Kept My Kids Busy During the Summer

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There were not a lot of lazy days during the summer when my kids were growing up. A week after school ended and a week before it started they were home, without plans or schedules, but for the most part, most of their summer days were spent in organized activities, from pre-school through middle school. They loved it. … [Read more...]

12 Things I Learned at Summer Camp That are Still True

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  Where I grew up, in the suburbs of New York City, it was commonplace for children to spend eight weeks each summer at overnight camp. From as early as the age of 6 through 16 or so, many of my contemporaries were ensconced in camps across New England, each perched on a lake. Some may think sending children away for that long at such young ages is slightly barbaric, … [Read more...]

A Life Well-Lived and a Place Well-Loved


Last week Ray Alpert, a man who was a community leader in the city of Long Beach, CA and a shining example of the change philanthropy can make, passed away at the age of 87. Though I didn't know him well, I had the pleasure of talking with him on a few occasions, and he never failed to be gracious and kind. Ray and his wife Barbara gave generously to many, many … [Read more...]

The Best Thing I Learned From My Mother


My mother is a very smart woman. When I was growing up, I could ask her anything and she always knew the answer. Whether it was about schoolwork or a song or a movie or a book or a play or politics or geography...she just knew it all.  The spring before I went to overnight camp (8 weeks!) for the first time she spent hours and hours telling me all about it  - she had … [Read more...]