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Thank You For the Music

I could say thank you to my family, friends, readers and colleagues for your support, encouragement and friendship in  a million different ways, but this year I’ll go with music – because how can I go wrong? Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving 2013.

15 Things I Miss During the Holidays in My Empty Nest (Cookies!)

Most of the year, the empty nest is good. Though I miss my kids when I don’t see them or hear from them often enough (are you listening, son?), my husband and I have adapted quite nicely to a home that’s just the two of us and our dog. But somewhere around mid-October, I start…

Thank You. So Much.

Lois Alter Mark of Stylesubstancesoul.com wrote a post that I loved called 25 Things I’m Thankful For. With Thanksgiving a few days away, her list made me consider what it is that I’m especially thankful for this year. Let me get the big things out of the way – I’m thankful for the health and…