The Sandy Hook Massacre and Gun Control: What You Can Do to Help

I will not write about what happened Sandy Hook. I have no words to express my deep sadness and grief for the victims and their families. However as a blogger I have the opportunity – responsibility – to share the information I’ve been able to gather about how to express your opinion, donate your time and money, or send your messages of sympathy and caring.

Contact your congressman or woman. WRITE a letter. Do not email or call – it’s not as effective. Focus your request on banning assault weapons, automatic weapons, sniper rifles and high capacity ammunition clips. These weapons are used solely for the purpose of killing, whether offensively or defensively. Ask to have the 1994 federal ban on assault weapons reinstated – it was abolished in 2004.

Steve Barton, a shooting survivor of the Aurora, Colorado massacre, has this to say about what happened in Sandy Hook. Please, listen to him. Don’t let this moment pass without doing something to advocate for tighter restrictions and regulations on gun ownership and use.

If you also believe that mental illness is a critical part of this problem, go to the National Institute of Mental Health to gather information. And if you know someone who you believe could be a danger to him or herself or others, don’t wait for something to happen – find a way to intervene. Insist they get help, and if they won’t, alert others about your concerns. DO NOT HESITATE.

Read this heartbreaking blog post by the mother of a child with severe emotional problems to understand what it might have been like to be Adam Lanza’s mother.

Sign these petitions:
Build an accessible federally funded mental health care system

White House Petition on Gun Control



Petition to Appoint Mayor Michael Bloomberg as President Obama’s Gun Safety Deputy


Moms Rising Gun Control Petition


Here is what the National Rifle Association had to say when I called to ask them for a statement about the massacre in Sandy Hook:

“Until the facts are known, the NRA will not have any comment.”

Not a word of concern, care or sympathy.

Donate your time or money to these organizations:

Demand a Plan

The Brady Campaign

Read this article, written by an Israeli citizen living in the United States. Let the number of massacres that have occurred just this year sink in, even as you consider the author’s comments on terrorism from outside our borders vs. inside.

Help the families of Sandy Hook, whether by sending a note of condolence or by donating to a local organization dedicated to helping during this time of crisis:

Sandy Hook PTA



Newtown Youth and Family Services

Newtown Parents Connection

Thanks to many of my Facebook friends for providing some of the information I’ve shared in this post. Social media is a powerful tool for change and influence. Let’s use it to make our country safer for our children. NO citizen should die of wounds inflicted by assault weapons – especially not children.

More reading on this topic:

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  1. says

    Some good tips here.

    I have long pushed on the mental health/mental illness angle. Up to 40% of all Americans will have a serious mental illness during their lives. MOST people do not know the signs that someone who has always been “quirky” is showing signs of becoming dangerously ill. We all need to educate ourselves, and press for better education of the public as a whole, and RESOURCES. And an end to stigma.

    In part, people are afraid to seek help for mental illness, because they don’t want to be labeled weak or “crazy.” Why is it any different from getting regular care for nearsightedness or diabetes?

    Gun control needs to be part of the discussion. As a society, we have a vested interest in seeing that those who are dangerous – criminals and the mentally ill – cannot easily obtain weapons that could hurt large numbers of people. Just like we take the car keys away from Grandpa when he can no longer drive safely. Can we prevent ALL the possible incidents of harm to the innocent? Of course not, but we could certainly reduce the carnage.

    I hope and pray that this is one time we don’t simply shake our collective heads and do nothing – until the next time.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..The Caged Bird Does Not Sing #domesticviolenceMy Profile

  2. judy williamson says

    We all need to grieve and THEN take action.Thank you for your suggestions.

    I am on it.

    God bless all the little children who will not see Xmas …..

  3. Laurie says

    Thanks Sharon!! I like the fact that you have given us something to do tphelp ban assault weapons. How much more of a wake up call do we need and at what expense???

  4. says

    Thanks Sharon. Once we stop wringing our hands and drying our eyes, or in other words, get over the initial shock and horror, we want to roll up our sleeves and get after efforts to initiate change or help in any way we can, and you’ve shared many specific ways to do both.
    Barbara recently the parkMy Profile

    • says

      It was a contentious topic for some bloggers, indeed. Some felt it would be capitalizing on a tragedy to drive traffic, which I could see happening – but it’s too important to let pass. Your intelligent voice is always one to be heard, Donna.

  5. Andrue Stafford says

    Seeing as how this is seems to be incredibly biased, I would like to throw a little bit of insight to the other side of this.

    Most of the people that are against the ban aren’t in favor of killing children. They are opposed to the idea of the government taking away yet another right they have.

    Second off, many people, including myself, aren’t too keen on the idea of the government telling us we can’t own fire arms equal to that of their own strength. Seriously, would you agree to a fight with someone where you get a knife and they get a gun?

    And lastly, The term “Assaualt” weapon was a term coined by anti-gun activists to scare the public into agreeing with them because they know most people don’t know any better. 99.5% of gun crimes are committed with illegal weapons… not registered fire arms. Banning them will only make the proliferation of said weapons an even more profitable business.

    Learn to read and look into the facts of something before you start some online campaign. Not to mention… before the mass media got a hold of the story, the reports had nothing to do with an ar-15 model rifle, but of a shotgun.


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