Wear Orange on October 9 – Stop Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

I despise bullies. They are mean, hurtful, insensitive people who go after those who are weak, defenseless and often already feeling insecure and uncomfortable in the world. If there was one thing that I was afraid of when my children were growing up, it was  that they would be bullied – because I didn’t know if I would be able to act rationally with a child who did that to one of my kids. Though there were a few incidents when my kids were the target of mean-spirited and nasty peers, they were, thankfully, never the target of any real bullying. 

Honestly, I would have lost my cookies if that had happened.

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Tomorrow, October 9, it’s Wear Orange Day in recognition of Unity Day, a day to stand up to bullying.

There is an urgent and heartbreaking need for this campaign. As social media becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, bullies – both children and adults – have exponentially more outlets to use to go after those they target for torment and bashing.

My friend Cathy Chester, who blogs at An Empowered Spirit, has written a post detailing all of the ways to participate in the bullying prevention campaign as laid out by the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center. I strongly urge you to read her post for more information.

Bullying in the news

Take a look at this page on school bullying on the Huffington Post. it will both make you angry and bring tears of joy to your eyes at the same time.

check out this PSA video from One Direction and Office Depot.

Suicides as a result of bullying this year have included:

Rebecca Sedgwick, 12 years old

Bart Palosz, 15 years old

Rehtaeh Parsons, 17 years old

But there are heroes, too. Who can forget the news anchor Jennifer Livingston who was called fat by one of her viewers and spoke out, on live television, becoming a hero to millions of people picked on because of their weight?

Or how about the 8 year old boy who wrote a letter to Santa saying all he wanted was for kids to stop bullying his sister?

Please, do what you can to help spread the word that this month, we all need to think about how we can help to eliminate bullying. Whether big and mighty or small and mean, bullies are everywhere. And take a look at your child and his or her friends – make sure there are no bullies in your world. 

Wear orange tomorrow.


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    As a high school teacher, I am very sensitive to bullying and quick to get in the middle of it. People, whether kids or adults, can be so mean and just not care. It is something which needs to be stopped at the youth level so they will not grow into adult bullies. Unfortunately, I see it everywhere and have too many first count stories to tell. I hope to see it change for the better in my lifetime.
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